January 23, 2012


Who's using the new timeline?

It's been like ages and I couldn't remember the last time I opened my Facebook account except for this month. While people were so fond updating statuses and uploading pictures, I just lost my appetite for the said social networking site. Maybe because I became anti-social and blogging became my online world. I forgot that beyond the walls of my online journal is another place where my long lost friends were. We can update each other through text messages but seeing what I saw today on Facebook just gave me a hint of what I am missing. Oh well, I blame it all to the BUSY life.

I was never outdated with the new features but I never updated mine, after all I wasn't well fond of it like I was before. Again, blame on the BUSY life. 

I must admit, I love how the new timeline looks

And now I am torn between the decision of updating or not. I am concerned with the security settings. If you're one of my Facebook friends, you know how much I protect the privacy not only of my own account but that of my friends as well, that's why you won't see who are they. Not to mention:

1. you can post on my wall but only me can see them
2. you can tag me on your photos but they will only be visible to me
3. my photos were shared to the intended audience (not to all)
4. search for me was off
5. "add friend" was enabled to friends of friends only
6. message was only open for friends
7. and so on

I opt for that kind of security not because I am leery but because I believe that we should all be responsible for what we share online. More and more crimes were becoming possible nowadays with the help of the social networking sites and with that, we have to be careful.

But I am glad that somehow I am learning to trust again and somehow in the long run be more open.

January 19, 2012

Reality bites, but don't be sad

Yeheey! at long last, today is the last day of my 2 weeks medication. After a hard battle with the seemingly endless fever which later accompanied by cough, I'm feeling better. I want to share a different story today but that could wait since this post would somehow help you be aware.

As you all know, I am having some problems with my nose. I forgot to share the updates after I went to the ENT several months ago, but the doctor found out I have Atrophic Rhinitis, a type of rhinitis caused by the thinning of the nasal membrane. Not much information about it was shared on the internet. I tried to Google it several times but would only show sites with technical terms. Until today, I came across this website. Limited information was also given but it caught me between acceptance and freaking when I read the complications.

I don't recall if the doctor mentioned the case to me but I can't remember any, maybe because I was so woozy that time. To continue the story, there are two complicaitons (1.) Rhinorrhoea  and (2.)Anosmia  by which based on my observation, number 2 is the prominent complication in my case then, I FREAKED OUT. Why wouldn't I? I know my smelling ability was reduced (which is one of my best abilities before), but knowing the fact that I am facing the circumstances of completely losing my sense of smell...I almost cried.

The second complication was also responsible for the colds I endured while celebrating New Year, which I thought was just a common cold but was not because it is once again another condition triggered by the allergen looming around the corner. I am glad I consulted the doctor before taking over the counter medicines for cough. It was irritating, it wakes me up in the middle of my sleeping hours. At first I couldn't believe the cough has something to do with my nose, but after the doctor's thorough explanation, I left the hospital hands up, head down.

The good news, I am feeling better but extra precautions should be taken because this is the season of the allergen. Just another hint of precaution, be careful with the medicines you take. It is better to visit your doctor to make sure you're getting the proper medication. If you notice something strange is happening in your body, health or what you feel, consult the expert at once. Be safe.

Antihistamines have different effects to people. You'll feel sleepy but other's may experience palpitation. Those with 6 hours effect will really drive you to bed (in my case) but most of the times, I'm taking those with 24 hour protection.

January 13, 2012

What now?

Do you still remember how your blogging saga started? 

For more than a week now, I am making my journey back to my old post, wondering what have I written in almost 3 years. Yeah, 3 years this coming February but it's not obvious. There are many bloggers out there who started their blogs just a year or a few months ago but their blogging success reaches the mountain top. I might have the same success if I created my blog for the sole purpose of earning online. But going back to my old post in like journeying back in time where my purpose in blogging was rekindled.

Truth be told, 3 years ago, I created this blog for the mere purpose of curiosity. I just wanted to know the feeling. How to do it and how it feels to own one even though I have no idea what to write. I can't even remember it's first name. As life goes on, I never did imagine that his space would be my solace in adversity. A place where I could vent my emotions. And going back to my old posts somehow made me happy because of the life I was able to give to every word I had written. Very spontaneous because it reflects my life, my feelings though not obscure because I do not seek pity when I'm down.

And today, another day to pour my heart's content. As I continue with this journey for the love of writing, I sometimes found my brain empty of words and my heart void of interest. And today I found the culprit for my dilemma, it's the fact that I lost the soul of my post, waiting for heaven to bestow me with a topic to write instead of wring my heart out.

I gained great friends through this space and this space will continue to be like how it started - the home of my thoughts. If ever comes a time that I am serious with earning online which is by this time I have no idea how to put to life (if you have idea let me know), I will put up another blog.

What now? I will continue this journey together with the great friends I found while reminiscing the days  how our great friendship started. Felicity isn't it?

January 10, 2012

You've Got Snail Mail!

Not so long ago in one of my previous post, I confessed how I wished for the World Wide Web to crashed so we could go back to the good old days of snail mail. Today, I will profess my endearment with snail mail, not for the sole reason of collecting stamps but for the excitement and joy it brings.

Last week, right after I posted the story about the Christmas card I got from sis Kris, I saw the post of TB of Year 31 about the new blog game she created for the love of snail mail. I joined, because like her, I too am amazed with the idea that something I was holding today will be on the hands of someone halfway around the world.

I think I already mentioned this kind of project to Sis Kris the last time on how I would like to send snail mail to people. Since TB already came up with the brightest idea and rules, she made my life and my desire come to realization with no sweat.

How to join? Please read below. Please take note how awesome the rules are, no limit and you can do whatever you want. It's the thought that counts.

1.  Write a blog post announcing that you're participating. 

2.  Copy these rules and the above icon into your post.

3.  Ask people to comment if they are willing to participate on their own blog.  Sorry, but you MUST have a blog to join in on the snail mail action.

4.  Choose a winner (or two or three) from your comments section. You can choose your winners however you like--at random, first comment, whoever lives the farthest--it's your blog, do what you want!

5.  Go shopping (or scavenging)!  Pick out items that are easy to mail and cost under $5.  Be thrifty, be creative.  Got something good lying around the house?  Send that!  Mailing your gift to another country or region?  Send a local candy or snack item!  In this case, it really IS the thought that counts.

6.  Mail those items to your chosen winner(s), and one to the person who sent you a gift (if you received one).  Send a little note with the gift--show off your (little-used) handwriting!

7.  No need to tag other bloggers.  The game will be passed along through the posting of snail mail.

8.  You don't have to be chosen to participate.  If you want to join in the fun but nobody mailed you anything, just start with #1 and away you go!

VERY IMPORTANT:  By commenting and saying that you are willing to participate, you are promising to pay it forward.  Please only join in if you are willing to give your address (through private email) to the blogger whose blog you are commenting on.

I will choose three special people who will receive my snail mail in random. Join the fun  and magic of snail mail.

January 6, 2012

A royal mail for the holiday

Warning: This is a post Christmas post. Not that I'm lazy but because I don't want to let the spirit of the season go. At least not yet. I'm still nostalgic with the food, decorations, gifts, the presence of family members and the comfort of home.

Rewind: on the second week of December, something came in the mail for me from the land of the kings and queens. At first I couldn't believe the fact though I'm already holding it on my hand. I'm way totally awed to received something from the place I long wanted to visit. It's a double intense feeling because I know it's not just a Christmas card,  there's little pieces of happiness inside. 

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves of how great this dear card is. Of course goosebumps and bliss to realize that snail mail is not yet gone. Thanks sis Kris for making my Christmas extra special. If you wanna experience the life in UK though you're not there, visit Kris' blog, Kalokang Buhay ng Isang Pinay sa UKay  and be struck with the cakes she bake, the Legoland and bits and pieces of their life in the UK.

my first card from UK - first - as though anticipating for more to come (hahaha)

lovely message full of love. 
Wouldn't your heart skip a beat to see the handwriting of a friend you've come to know while blogging?  
Now when I read Kris' blog, it's though I am seeing her handwriting legibly scribbled on the page.

as promised - sorry for the picture's poor quality

little happiness with the card - additional collections and a great idea for the wrapper. 

Dear Kris: Thanks for the happiness, card,  greetings, wishes, the stamps 
and for the wonderful friendship that just crossed the boundaries of the blogging world.
I will be forever grateful.

January 1, 2012

Hello Friends and welcome 2012!

By the time you're reading this, I am either:  patiently waiting for the year to end and for a new year to start, sitting around the dining table, eating as much fried chicken than what I was allowed to eat while the surrounding is noisy with firecrackers and all kind/sort of noisy means to welcome 2012 or I am soundly sleeping.

Which of which, I am wishing for your safety and may you all have a wonderful celebration in welcoming the new year. May everyone be filled with love, forget all the hurts and start a new life. 

Have a Prosperous New Year!