July 30, 2010

Live up to it

IS: MS Powerpoint Clip-art
I had a conversation with my nephew this morning. He is asking for a picture of my mother. He is the United States since he was young and he is a grown up now wanting to see a picture of her beloved grandmother. I promised to upload some pictures. Speaking of my mother,  she's in the province right now and it's so sad that we're not together. So I send her money yesterday for her medicines. Whether I like it or not, she's 72 years old and I am wishing God will give her a long life. What a great mother she is, not only for providing me with what I need but also with the lesson she imparted to me. I won't never forget she once said, "When you got your work, you can have all you want as long a it's good, however while you're still young, be contented on what we have and never ever try to get what you want in expense of other people".  

Money is never an issue when you're trying to help especially when the situation is between life and death.  But don't you ever dare to loan money just to be used for stuffs you don't really need and you have debts to settle. Pay all the money you borrowed first before spending lavishly  for your luxuries. 

July 29, 2010

Michael's Father

This week I was blessed with lavishing time. I was able to go to the mall to buy some books to catch up with my readings. I was so lucky to get the book "Michael's Father" at a very affordable price which kept me entertained for a while. I got my money's worth because it has a great story that deals with family and relationships. I was so hooked and  finished it within 24 hours.  I can't imagine how strong is the lead character that she was able to stay away from her wealthy family - young, pregnant and alone just to protect the father of her child. After 4 long years, she came back through the request of her dying mother with her son. And there the story goes............!

So the next problem I had is what will be the next book to read. Next time, I will go back to the bookstore and will get "Temporary Nanny".  The price is affordable too and I think I will enjoy this book. I got a sneak peek with the summary at the back and already planned that I will get this one in the weekend.  I am wishing to build my own library someday and put all the books I have there. Old books should be treasured because time will come, copies will be out of the market and be glad you have one. 

Next time, I will share another hobby with you that I long forgotten. I used to do it when I was in high school and continued a little while back in college but forgot about it when I have my job. But for now, I have to look for some proofs and I wished I haven't lost those collection when I moved to the new place. I am crossing my fingers, because if that would be the case, then I'll cry a river.

July 27, 2010

Quick One to Say Thanks to All

Just a quick to thank  everyone for the well wishes and to Bloggy friends who sent me email, messages on facebook and twitter. I really appreciate it. You guys had my heart swollen for all the care and love you extended! Thanks a lot (Gnetch, Ratz dear, Janjan, Mitch, Rachel, TB and the rest). 

I'll keep you guys posted with the doctor's findings . Please bear with me while I gather my blogging thoughts back again and my brain is

July 23, 2010

So this is GOODBYE?

I do remember the reason why I created this blog. I love to write though I know I'm not that good. At first I was afraid that people who might read this would tease me not only about the topic but also with the grammar and other stuffs as well. For times now, this blog of mine became the outlet of all the emotions and depressions that I've been through.  My journey to recovery from loneliness, though I truly admit that I do feel loneliness sometimes. Together with this I tried to strengthen my long lost connection with GOD. 

Sey, do you still remember the time when your only follower is TB? Yes, I do!!! I discover TB's blog from one of the blogs I followed through Blog of Note. (btw, TB will have her surgery today and wish her luck and God's guidance- thanks!!!). Afterwards I joined 20SB. I found most of you there and the first follower I gained from is Island Gal and through her I found my wonderful Filipina Blog Friends, Mitch, Janjan, Gnetch, and Coline. I also met the lovely couple Betsy and George. Let's also add Rachel who always remind me to pray and trust God. Let's add Ratz my new favorite writer. Coreen to whom I learned that we should see the glass half full and not half empty. To Chris (who may not even know that I mentioned her here) who have shared her stunning pictures which gave me the inspiration to take pictures of my own no matter how they look like (at least they're mine).  And to Dionne who is very good in art, a gorgeous girl that serves as an inspiration for me to work harder on paint and eventually wanted to learn photoshop (check her blog and you'll be amazed with her designs).  You may also want to visit Lacey. She draw adorable pictures who wished me luck with the drawing thing in 20sb.

After reviewing all the pictures, especially  the pictures I did using paint, (please see below) 


Until a friend  guided me yesterday and came up with the picture below not so good but neat than the others.
I see no problem of sharing my thoughts but I have to gather my thoughts too. Need time for myself and give attention to things I missed before, since my brain became so occupied. There are so many things that I have to attend to and deal with the stuffs I never payed attention too: visit the doctor for the check-up and strengthen my relationship with GOD . This isn't goodbye,.....let's just say a little rest and vacation for a while. Thanks!!!

July 22, 2010

Can We Do This?

Can we do this? I woke up so hungry and there's no one to prepare my food because all of them were sleeping,
i did it!!! yes!!! i did it!!!
just a naughty idea of sending food by attaching them through emails. The food will be directed to your microwave connected to the computer. All you have to do is download it. Hmmm, just a crazy idea that pops in my mind today out of nowhere!

P.S. Thanks to a friend who have done my banner.  I am trying to learn the photoshop and illustrator and was hoping that I could do it. But for now, let me practice with paint first.

July 17, 2010

Detective Sey

Am I really that famous? Nope, I doubt it! Really!!! but caution guys....please bear with this post, btw thanks to Super Gnetch

What's the feeling of waging war with someone you don't know? It's like punching the wind with no idea when it will strike back. Yeah!!! That's it...

I've been incognito for some personal reasons and some of you my readers would have known the reason because I confided with you (through email of course) I never logged in to Facebook for a long time and when I tried to open it, pooop.....the password was changed. So someone really wants to know everything about me uhhh???, since it's so private and you can't even see who my friends are. Whoever did it, thank you for changing my password, now I have to deactivate the account for good because you also sent emails to my friends which I never did in my entire life would send to them. Glad my friends were kind enough to understand the situation, so you failed again....looser!

I appreciate the comments of my readers! That is the actual proof that they're reading what I write (thanks guys)!!! Of course comments would be related to the post, isn't it??? How come you would put a comment which is not related to the post? You think you can fool me??? nope you failed again.....looser!

My bloggy friends suggested that I should have a real vacation. Good for me I have a God given boss who understands and let me have my indefinite leave for a while so that I could catch up with the health, depression and one other thing. Of course this come with certain agreement that I should report to the office sometimes if I can, but I have to attend to my emails at home or where the hell I would go. That is the reason I should be awake at night but at least I am on the comfort on the people who would understand and love me despite what happened (my family and friends). One of my officemates set-up an opera browser on my phone so that I could keep track with my email and with my blog and when I have to call someone they're willing enough to do the calls for me..(that's how supportive they are). So whenever I woke up even at late midnight I could check emails. ( so just you know!!)

btw, this is my Google calendar. There I put my schedules. It shows that I visited 2 friends in my hometown last May and June.  Just want to share with you guys so that if you want to meet me I can set the date. I'm forgetful. 

Just a reminder to those who were trying to prank me, well guys, don't be bitchy, for all you know, I'm a detective, I have IT's beside me and I have an analysts who is just one text away. How come you would see me when I'm not there and what a coincidence you know where I live? So fishy!!!

to be continued.....

July 13, 2010

An Act of Niceness

Hello everyone and hope y'all having a great day! While my posts were still on drafts waiting for the right time to be posted, I wanted to share with you a mission that I am starting in participation with the campaign of Melissa from Operation Nice. This coming July 15th, will be the 2nd year blogiversary of Operation Nice. She will be dropping nice notes in celebration and we can all join her in doing a little act of niceness. Afterwards you can send her an email with the pictures of the nice notes and she will donate $1.00 per email sent (up to $100 only)  to The Hunger Project, a global, non-profit, strategic organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.
I am really serious in doing this and I am already starting my list of Nice things I can do until Christmas. I just want to share the blessings and look at the brighter side of life. Please check out the tabs above and hope you could join me in my mission in making this world a better place to live in.

July 8, 2010

Looking Back

Guys I am for a fact still alive but on a vacation. I had a writers block this past few days. I have so many posts on my drafts waiting to be posted. Though I am not writing anything, I am still reading your post using Google Reader, and forgive me for not leaving a comment.

I remember the old days when I started blogging for personal reason. I wanted to find a niche and a place where I could pour out my emotions and share everything so that my heart would be lighter. I joined blogger last February 2009 but I wrote an article about Lifes Uncertainty on the 8th of May 2009. Those times when the only reader of my blog is ME and the only person who leaves a comment is ME too. There were times I leave a comment on my posts and then myself will answer back to the comment (insanity). Each posts were written with a quote I googled which jive with the topic, but the truth is I included the quotations to give myself a boost and a go for the gold spirit enlightenment  whenever I feel down. See, when you feel down, the only bestfriend you have is yourself, so cheer-up! At least you have yourself.

Then came the day I took interest with photography and posted my first photos of The Tree and the The Tree Under the Tree. These were memorable because that was the day I had my second follower. She is TB of Year 31. I was really happy and still happy because she's still reading my posts. I bragged about it in the office telling them that a beautiful American girl is reading my posts. LOL!!! Thanks TB.

Whoa!!!, blogging took me to the highest level. I couldn't imagine I would meet  wonderful friends on the blogosphere, but I did and looking back to the older posts made me feel so blessed and go back to my blogging senses again. Thank you guys for the support.

And while I was absent my wonderful friends MitchJanjan and Rachel gave me the Sweet Blog Award.
thanks to Mitch, Janjan and Rachel
and because I am so happy with all my readers who are so kind to me, I am passing this award to all of them. Thank you so much guys.

I wanted to do this as well. Another wonderful friend, NYC Island Gal was nominated for BlogLuxe 2010 Award. Please drop by and vote for her. She is under the "Best Eye Candy" Category. Simply click on the picture below and you will be directed to the voting page:
for NYC Island Gal
CONFESSION: I read NYC Island Gal post. It made me ponder for a moment and when motherhood knocks, I will name my first baby "Peavey".

Question? Where did you get the name of your first baby or what would be the name of your first child? What do you think about the name "Peavey"?

July 2, 2010

Vacation, Inauguration and a Broken Heart combined

Why do time seems to fly so fast when we're getting older. I remember when I was a child, I love holidays. That means there's no classes and I could stay all day at home playing or enjoying the rest of the day with my dolls, cooking sets and friends. But when were getting matured we're no longer after the playtime but the opportunity to take a rest and splurge on a vacation away from the stressful work. What a great time huh?

Last Monday was holiday here because it's the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. That makes no effect to me either as an adult or a child because what's the use of the holiday if you're on a vacation?  (I feel so sorry for myself). I can't use the day to roam around since I have to take a rest because I am not feeling well. I've been sick this past days and it would not be advisable to go out. I am still not feeling well till now but I cannot miss the opportunity to share with you all the thought lingering on my mind.

Well, since I can't leave the house, all I did was watch the inauguration via television. I am not a pro or anti to any politician and all I wanted is a responsible leader but our newly elected president's speech awed me. I admit I was really focused and for that moment I forgot all the things bothering me. (talk everyday Noy). But what really caught me was this line - "There would be no reconciliation without JUSTICE". (we really need it).
The Flag of the Republic of the Philippines
Okay, too much about politics! Now while I wan reading the posts of blogs that I follow, I am also browsing. (it's multi-tasking). I opened Google and typed 'FOOD FOR THOUGHTS FOR A BROKEN HEART".   Hey why did I typed that? I don't know, it just crossed my mind and see what I got (the quote below)

If the government could tax broken hearts, there would be no deficit. ~by Tigress Luv

Maybe this is what would happen when you're watching political issues while your hands were browsing and your mind was up to something else. I'd better share that quote to our president.......what do you think?