December 7, 2010

Oh Wow!!! Vacation Grande

I know I've been such an asshole for letting that damn situation take the whole of me. After 2 months of fixing everything, I hope this time, everything will fall into place. I am so thankful despite the down times, people seems to be caring and patient with me.

So where am I on those months of hiatus? I just took time to think and ponder, re-arrange life, focus my self on what's best and regain energy and self-confidence, and the biggest thing of grande vacation. A combination of hiking, camping and swimming on the beach, all in one. 

We went hiking up to Capones Lighthouse in Capones Island:
Capones Island - the journey to Capones Lighthouse
I'm not excited, it doesn't show right???
The Capones Lighthouse
the captivating!!!
After the trek to the lighthouse, we headed to Anawangin Cove, a secluded (no electricity, which good because a bonfire will add an effect to the serenity of the place) area facing China Sea, which is the prime destination of campers. We take the route via motor boat but most campers are taking the route along the mountain of Pundakit, through hiking.
the small way on the center is the gate to the cove
inside the cove

the camping site

if the sea water would go in here, this will be suitable for kayak
this is where the river and the sea meets
the gorgeous sunset

October 26, 2010

For Yumi Reyes

Dear Yumi,

Yumi Reyes as she calls herself (the picture taken from twiter but I wonder who is this girl in the pciture)
When you started commenting on my blog, you asked me to add you in my yahoo messenger because you wanted to learn things about blogging. Though I'm really not that expert like others, i added you. There were times that you've been silent but you're always coming back and read my post.  That made me happy cause i thought someone is happy reading my not so unique post especially those times when I'm in a battle of depression. 

One day you sent me an email asking me for help. You told me you live in Lipa City, Batangas.  I don't have any doubts and i am willing to help you then, because we're on the same situation however time didn't permit me to because i was on a vacation (YOU KNOW THE REASON WHY), but still i promised to help you when I come back. You continuously emailed me and I always answer you with pure heart and conscience. 

But the day came that you became too personal and it seems like you're copying the situation i'm in. I doubted then and never answered you back, but you became so eager to know what is happening in my life. You requested to follow me on twitter, you followed my blogger friends and you even followed my friends. That's when the time you became so obvious that you only what to dig out information from me.

Sunday, October 24th, 2010. I confirmed that you are really the one whom i suspected, but you're denying it. As Papa said you can deny and lie to everyone but you cannot lie to yourself. I really can't find rational reasons why are you doing this. You've been caught in the act but still have the courage to fire back everything to me like i'm the one lying. You knew what i was talking about, and i never thought of destroying your life. You should have known the reason why i stayed away because you asked me for it. You asked me to give you the chance to be with him but i never thought that you'll make up stories while i was away and quiet. 

Yumi Reyes my CONDOLENCES.  God Bless you!!! Aside from you and me GOD knows what's happening and only God will give the verdict. 

October 16, 2010


Today was scheduled for cleaning the office for some sort of bonding moment. I went to the supermarket yesterday to buy the cleaning materials. All was set and the only problem that I was thinking about is that we, "girls" will do all the work  but  I was surprised and amazed at the same time of what I witnessed today. What happened is the vice versa of my ugly thought. the guys did almost all the cleaning.
The spirit of brotherhood recognizes of necessity both the need of self-help and also the need of helping others in the only way which every ultimately does great god, that is, of helping them to help themselves.
--Theodore Roosevelt

October 14, 2010

All I Want for Christmas

One secret that people around me aren't aware of is my Christmas Directory (ssshhh, it's our secret) which I've been busy with, since July.  Christmas is so special to me, and since I haven't paid enough attention to the season last year due to some constraints, I planned it well this year. 

Like others, I would like to send a letter to Santa but afraid that he would reject my request since, oh well, I'm not that young...haha! Actually I did sent an email but he told me the elves have so much on their hands and they would concentrate on delivering the children's presents first. *sigh*, okay- no hurt feelings!

To make it fair, I will simplify my request. Something that I could get afford just in case someone wouldn't remember me this Christmas. These are what I am obsessed hooked with this past few months: bracelets and bangles:


While Gnetch wished for a laptop and Chinadoll Coleen wrote to Santa for an Ipod Nano with multi touch, mine is a bracelet or a bangle. 

Yay for Christmas, 73 days to go! Count with me! 

October 9, 2010

Life at Best is Bittersweet

Life at Best is Bittersweet
Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby made sense. Sometimes for our lives to be fruitful and worth remembering, there should be rough roads,  endless choices, ups and downs and constant changes. No matter how we set and planned things so they would turn out right there are always flaws in the process, which is just a reminder that life isn't perfect and will never be, in this imperfect world.  That is also the reason why we need each other.

P.S. I would also like to thank Christopher Columbus for discovering the American continent. Now I have ample time to relax and be bored at home which I wish wouldn't force me to jump from the third floor of the apartment. Nope! I was kidding!!! Haha!

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 6, 2010

Be Careful With What You Wish For

A charming Woman is a Busy Woman

4 Weeks ago, it seems like I have all the time in the world to waste. Too much time to procrastinate and my weirdo mind was kinda thinking of extreme activities so to use my time wisely (or better yet, I have so many things to do, but not in the mood to do it).

With all might, I wished that I would be given enough work so that I won't have spare time to think of nasty things and poooop......there you go. Thank goodness we're on the 21st century my table wans't bombarded with tons of paper works but looking into my computer would somehow make my mind crash.  

Every time i'm at work, I have more than 10 excel spreadsheets opened and what a real fun to have the tally. Thank goodness to formula again. With that I would like to write a letter of gratitude to Microsoft for inventing this awesome application (if I got it right). It's really useful and will be useful for me especially this month's load of work.

To give you a quick view of what is rambling inside my brain even when I go to sleep, here it is on the left side. To take note that I already closed the other reports as a treat to my erratic mind which is about to explode anytime. 


October 2, 2010

Under the Same Sky

We're all living under the same sky. I'm just wondering how your sky looks like today. Just in case you are wondering, this is what our sky looks like today. While I'm writing this post we're just waiting for the rain to stop so that we could head to a birthday celebration of a friend.
Oh will rain
Have a great weekend everyone.

September 30, 2010

I miss it, why not? Oh gosh!

5, 6, and 7! 7:00 ring my bell. Always looking forward to lay my back flat on the bed, close my eyes and let dreams carry me to the deepest room of my unconsciousness. But given the chance I would like to be awake 24/7. I have the feeling that I have so many things to do but time is so scarce.  Darn, why am I rushing things like this, when I use to believe that there's always time for everything like what I use to say to my students. Oh gosh, didn't I tell you that? Yes, I'm a teacher. 

Piles of notebooks to check, exams to administer, meetings to hold and 4th year high school students to guide. Hard but amazing though. It will consume your energy but it will give you self-fulfillment. You'll earn a little yet, you'll be remembered forever. That's how I see my profession. Hard but simply fabulous. 

I took a slight detour to find what was missing but now I admit that I miss moments like these:

"the lovebirds" it's a stolen shot

September 20, 2010


Even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed....
Matthew 17:20

Not known to everydoby, I have this money magnet. It is said that this will attract money whereever you placed it and that when money begins to pour, it comes so quickly and in such great abundance that you will wonder where it has been all those lean years.

Who doesn't want and need money? Not me, of course we all need this to survive but don't get me wrong. What attracted me to get this stuff is the "Mustard Seed" stuck inside that circle on the picture.

I always hear people say when we believe, even if our faith is small as a mustard seed, nothing is impossible. But what the heck does a mustard seed looks like? So now I know -- and everytime I feel like the world is falling down on my shoulder, I will embody the Abundant State of Mind and always believe that tomorrow will be a better day.

September 16, 2010

I want shampoo

Image Source
I woke up too early the other day feeling exhausted and too tired but can't sleep. After several minutes of battle with the bed and pillow, I decided to stand-up, accepting my defeat that dream aren't for me that day and prepare myself for work. It's just then that I notice I ran out of conditioner, so what are ya gonna do??? run to the nearest Sari-sari store and get one. This what I like here, we have plenty of those stores who sell foods/snacks, toiletries, candies and other necessities for retail. Isn't that amazing? But the story is not about the store but about what happened to me in the store. The story goes like this:

Me: One shampoo please, ( i said to the store owner)

Store Owner: What shampoo? (asking for the specific brand)

Me: Creamsilk, the blue one please (for damage control)

Store Owner: What is that again?

Me: Creamsilk blue (full of confidence with what I'm asking for)

Store Owner: You made me laugh (she's actually LOL)

Me: Why is she laughing? What's funny

Image Source
I paused and it's just then that I realized I was  saying I want to buy shampoo but the brand I repeatedly told her is  a CONDITIONER AND NOT A SHAMPOO. Actually I'm really after the conditioner and not the shampoo.

Store Owner: Sleep at night are better, right?

Me: Yes definitely, absolutely 100% true (me laughing)

Agree with me that the quality of sleep is better when you are sleeping at night rather than day time. Imagine, I was awake at night for more than 2 years now and I wouldn't wonder why I acted like that on the sari-sari store. I was awake physically but sleeping mentally. My suggestion for y'all....don't go out when you aren't sure you're really awake.

September 15, 2010

It's Women of Achievement Month

February 2008, when I started this blog. Rambling from scratches and the only reader I have is no other than "ME" wondering where I was going. Without any single idea, I made blogger like Twitter, posting what comes to my mind whether it be a heartache, laughter or misery. The hell I care, no one is reading anyway. 

This month The Lady Bloggers Society is on it's way to helping women realize the achievements they've accomplished be it big or small. What I have on hand so far in nothing compared to what other members have. This post is written after rigorous self analysis, thorough examination of achievements and handful of courage but still my achievements are scratches so please bear with me and let me just share what I have and let me know if I could be counted as "A Woman of Achievement". 

1. After almost a year and a half of blogging, I gained many (100 are many to me, I am not famous) followers and few readers. The achievement is mostly on the fact that even though I have few readers, yet they are what you can say the best online friends I have. And believe me, if you'll be missing in action the first few people to notice  what's happening are your blog friends and wait till your email and twitter accounts will be bombarded with messages. It's so nice to know people care a lot for you. It makes my heart swells.

2. Racism is one reason that knocks me down when I started this blog. Our country is not rich and I was devoured by my fear that people will defy my grammar and laugh on my mistakes. After a year, the 100% fear of racism dropped down to 50%, not yet done but still there is improvement. Now I can say "Hello World, I am a Filipino". Being proud of my heritage is one thing I should consider as a lifetime achievement.

3. I had separated with my boyfriend for almost 6 years. When we parted ways, it feels like the world will hunt me down with no hopes and escape. But then again, I manage to live without him and the separation draw me closer to God, to my old friends I lost contact with and to my Family whom I fairly visit. Wasn't that an achievement? Yes it is. It's so nice to live the life I borrowed, appreciating the blessings. Not all people were given the privilege to be on this situation, this made and will make me tougher. It's difficult but I will get through it. And the spirit to fight and find inner peace is an achievement.

September 10, 2010

So, What should I do now?

Just at times when you feel things are so perfect they suddenly fall out of place and the people you want to stay tend to drift apart. Then, there you are, life is shattered and chaotic and before you knew it, you are being drowned to the deepest part of your loneliness and miseries. You don't want it, you run away, yet it continually chase you from all the corners of the earth. You don't have any escape. So what would you do then? FACE IT, of course, you have no choice except you'll let yourself be counted as one of the losers who just gave up without even trying. My point in this post is getting nowhere, yeah I know it.

I suddenly felt that the days of my life were trashed on the garbage bag. I feel so sorry that the days God gave me life were unproductive and I am just spending them sleeping and if awake thinking how life is so f****d up for me. Is it my destiny? Did God permitted it to happen. I feel so useless and that's all. 

Image Source
My plan of Round the World Travel (RTW), which is not coming to realization even at 1%. If this long-term goal would not come to realization then, I need to accept the fact that I'm not destined to be like Magellan (not to invade) who traveled from Atlantic to pacific and would end up traveling to Mactan and be a tourist to my own country. 

That also means I have plenty of time to throw away and procrastinate on things I should do. So if anyone of you needs help in sorting out things or if you have suggestions on what things I should do, feel free to send me an email at Thanks

September 3, 2010


Which is harder?  losing your mother  or  being heart-broken? I don't know, I just  knew the feeling of the latter.  

I'm literally shaking and my heart pounding while writing this post. I couldn't tell anybody but I wanted this insane feeling get out of my head and my heart now. I just learned that the mother of HER, died last August 23, 2010.  The same day when the shocking news about the hostage crisis in Manila was aired around the world. I thought that was the reason why I feel anxious and horrible, unsettled and restless. The girl isn't my friend nor an enemy. We don't knew each other that well and we never get along and never even met in person.  She had her part in the worst nightmare that I had and she played her part in hurting me, the way no one can imagine. 

No matter how hurt I am though, I never wished a lonely heart on her. I leave everything to the Lord who I know had permitted this circumstances to happen to me so that I maybe a better person. Though things aren't going well yet, I am trying my best not to bump and see them cause who knows what might gonna happen. After all, I am thinking that everything happens for a reason. Their reasons may not be right as mine though, but whose gonna judge the difference? Only the malicious minds. And who knows too that after all that, we're all victims of the unfair game of circumstances and chances. We can never tell she might even be so dear to me if and only she played her part well and fair.

when you lost someone, be it someone like your boyfriend/girlfriend  who found another love, your friend whom you had misunderstandings, yet there is no pain and agony harder than the battle of losing your parents. I know the feeling cause I already lost my father.

TO HER: I don't care if you had my heart broken into pieces where debris scattered around and my heart isn't well yet, I don't care if you and I had exchange foolishness before, at this point, I don't care how much you've hurt me all I know is that you're hurting and I know the feeling. MY CONDOLENCES TO YOU, for losing your mother.

August 31, 2010

Pride and Humility

"Pride is the root of all evil while Humility is the mother of all virtues"

Story #1

Lady: Father is it a sin to praise thyself?

Priest: What are you saying/doing to praise yourself?

Lady: Every morning, I face the mirror and tell myself, "You're so cute and Pretty".

Priest: Don't worry, that isn't a sin, that is merely an eye defect.

Story #2

Albert Einstein was about to give a lecture on one conference. When he got to the car, his driver talked to him:

Driver: Sir, why won't you let me do the lecture on th conference. I will pretend as you and you will pretend as my driver.

Einstein: What a great idea!

On the conference they did what had been planned and the driver was able to deliver the lecture well. One of the guest, who is also a scientist asked one hard question. The driver replied:

Driver: That is an easy question, (looking at Einstein on his seat), Even my driver could answer that.

August 28, 2010

The August 23 Manila Hostage Tragedy

I wanted to post something about this incident but never have the right words to express how deeply hurt and sad we are for what had happened. A good friend of mine gave me the permission to post this article which she had written to let the whole world know that we truly care. Article by: Lauren Santos

Thank God for people  who still has the rationaity to weigh things..And to come out in the open to objectively assess the incident without bias & prejudice, but just matter of factly declare that the incident was a misfortune that could have happened anywhere else in the world of even rich nations. ...To those who think otherwise, please know . I cry & mourn  with the rest of the Filipinos for  the families of the fatalities and the rest of the HK- Chinese people for another dent on our image as a Nation.   I work with  & for a HK [USA]  firm & we had never discussed it but I could feel the strain, yet I have a  deep desire to hug them  & say I am sorry, not just for the deaths, but for something as tragic has impacted  China, (HK) & Phil friendship. I cry for how we are now perceived globally  after such failing of our police in particular & the government in general. Filipinos as a people is a striving culture that has perpetually labored to right the biases of prejudiced minds. To those around the globe if it is an offense to be poor then I am sorry that we are a 3rd world nation, without enough to fund what needs to be done with our police & the military. We are so poor that our professionals, even with minds brighter than many, have been pushed to take up jobs as domestic staff, housekeepers, nannies, drivers, gas boys, deck hands, care takers & care givers. But no matter how lowly we seem to be in your eyes, we are still proud of our heritage, & to uphold our virtues as a people. No matter how the rest judge us, still we are a compassionate, forgiving & God fearing nation. You saw how we unseated 2 Presidents without bloodshed, still unparalleled by none, not even China, when they had mass movement in Beijing years ago. We lack the physical fire power, but our moral integrity & spiritual fiber has what  made us  victors in negotiating a peaceful change of government, Unfortunately, our option for a peaceful negotiation rather than  a hard core & hard line assault, that fateful day of August 23 had not come through for us. Also, please do not forget, that we may be called Filipinos, but we have as much Chinese blood, as Spanish and Malay blood in us. How then can any one think that we could allow intentionally this tragedy to the Chinese, who are after all our own brothers, by virtue  of our cultural ancestry? We are all victims of the tragedy, which has befallen us all, for which by some force unknown, it happened, neither you nor I can explain, only because it was an incident simply for a greater divine purpose. The challenge is not to find blame, but to rise above the inequities of life & move forward and forge a formidable bond across the nations amongst people of this earth that no crisis such as this can ever break apart.

August 26, 2010

Writer's Workshop: Your Childhood Neighborhood

I grew up from a small Barrio where people from one corner to the end knew each other well. When people hear your surname they could easily narrate the history of your family. In that small Barrio, I could say that I grew up from one of the nicest neighborhood in the whole wide world. Folks around doesn’t regards you as a stranger but more as a family. We share our foods with each other, show a sweet smile in the morning and whenever you get the chance to pass by each other no matter how many times it is. There’s no lonely times cause you’ll find nice friends whom you can play with every weekend when the sun shine till sunset, dipping ourselves in the crystal clear river, hop around and climb trees and play hide and seek when it’s dark and the old folks are outside having some chit chat.

But there is one reason why I love this childhood neighborhood of mine. I owe my life to them and their concern for me and for the rest was tested by an unwanted nature’s wrath.

June 1991, I was secret years old (too young then, believe me) Mt Pinatubo erupted, sharing its wrath from a long time of quietness (you can read the whole story here). It was at that time that I came to know that a certain volcano exist. 12 noon when the sun was supposed to be in its highest peak of light, was hidden causing darkness on our place and the neighboring towns and provinces. The angry volcano poured out hot lava which flowed down to our rivers devastated our farmlands and killed all the animals it could reach, it even took away some people’s lives burying them in sand and ashes. It happened so quick that it caught us by surprise. Our place which was once like a tropical rainforest became a desert. Running for the safety of our God given lives, we beat the darkness, tried our best to run even when our feet were sometimes stuck on a knee high sand. Every houses built were ruined and when the roofs can’t support the heavy sand, it’s time for us to run again. Too young then, I couldn’t run for the safety of myself cause my little feet can’t do it while it’s raining sand and stone. One of our neighbors carried me on his back under his rain coat and lead the way for my parents to a safer place, “the church” while his brother carried my niece, which my father couldn’t afford to do at that time because he is having knee problems. That time when my siblings are away to seek greener pastures, we only had our neighbors to support us. With God’s love, we all survive the tragedy and now the neighbor who carried me on his back is my sister’s husband and they have 5 children.

It's my first time to join. Hop over at Mama's Losin' It to read more entries and join the fun.

August 25, 2010

Words of Wisdom

I am really exhausted today. My work drained all the energy left in me but I am still thankful I have a nice job (thank God), with nice fellas around. Yesterday in my post I officially declare that I will always find reasons to be happy. Before I take the time to rest, I would like to share with you some nice words of wisdom from Jonathan Figaro. Check out his blog and I'm sure you'll find good stuffs to read. Thanks:)

If we wanted to be happy, this is what we can do:
1. Focus on the good in your life.
2. Be appreciate for what you have now.
3. Never let them rain in your parade.
4. Put yourself first after God.

Happy blogging everyone and hope you had a great day! Yay!!!

August 24, 2010

Find a Reason to be Happy When you're sad

Writing about anything doesn't seem to be my forte this past few weeks. I was reading post, certain ideas come to mind yet don't have the proper mindset to finish the post saving it as draft  (again???). Today, I read Coreen's post and was delighted about the trivia she shared about the importance of our smile. I questioned myself, when was the last time you shared your smile to the people you come across with? Can't remember? Right, because you haven't smiled a lot.

So today I officially declared that I will always find things (though small) to be happy and kick the sadness out of my life so that I can share my smile to other people too. 

After browsing the pictures I saved to be used for future post, I come across this one. Actually this is from a friend at work, lately she's been very quiet, not her usual happy personality so everybody was wondering what's the matter. Much to my relief when she told me that she's okay just going through a rough time now but she's a proof please see the picture below from her FB account when she tried to have a relationship with herself:
Please pay attention to the words I encircled in red. 
P.S. I hid her name, much for the sake of my safety because she'll kill me for sure as soon as she found out I post it here.

August 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

Image Source

After 6 years of knowing you, this would be the first time you'll celebrate your birthday without me. I am so sorry. I know you're expecting me to come, but I do hope that you will understand that the situation right now doesn't permit me to come and celebrate with you. I am following your advice not to waste my life for those people who doesn't know how to care for people who care a lot for them. I am still fragile and the long time we're not able to see each other is really breaking my heart into pieces. However it is not advisable to see you, even in a glimpse because I know there are people who will celebrate with you that would remind me of the emotions and heartaches I wanted to forget. You are a person I love so much and I know you're hurting too but I promise we will get through it and someday I will see you again. I hope you bear with me if I would ask for an ample time to let the wounds heal, though I know the scars won't vanish, but I do pray for the best. I promise I will be the best person that I can be and when the time comes to see you again, you'll be proud of me. 

Though I wasn't able to send you a message on your birthday, I know you would understand and would understand deeper if someday you'll be able to read this letter. This is for you. I can't send you a birthday card today, but this letter should be in it if I could. Someday, if you'll come across with this letter, I wanted you to know that I love you so much and I will never forget you and your birthday. Though you've never given birth of me, I still love you as my dear Mama who I know loves me too, without boundaries, without expectations, no if's and no but's, just pure love of a mother to a daughter. Happy Birthday Mama Lita. I love you.

August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack Of All Trades

Image source

I thought I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I can't sleep and I throw out everything I ate for lunch, my stomach aches a lot and I feel dizzy. Sure signs that depression and nostalgia are striking again. My phone rung reminding me that Papa will be celebrating his birthday today. He is not my biological father, but he is someone so dear to me and by heart he is a father to me. After five years, this will the first time that he will celebrate his birthday without my greetings because I already dumped my old phone number because of the reason that I want to avoid his son for a while. Not forever of course, but something reasonable, like 50 YEARS (just kidding). Withe the length of time that I spent with them, I could say that he was such a good father, not a replacement for my deceased father, but just an addition to the love of my life. He never let me left like an outcast but rather treated me like his own daughter. I remember when "Ate" (Filipino term for an older sister) said Papa loves me so much because he always took me home with his motorcycle when I am visiting them.

Stories of the family gave me the impression that Papa is strict and sort of a bad boy during his younger years. He is five years younger than Mama and he got her pregnant when he was only 16 years old. Of course, too young then, his mother took him away and returned back when he could stand on his own and they got married when their first kid was 4 years old (that's ate). What a love story uh? Like any other couples there we rough times and holes to patch up yet they made it through and I am glad they did. Mama always said that he would leave Papa when they grow old but I knew that was just a joke since they seem to love each other even better when they grew older. 

What reminds me most about him is his ability to repair and do almost all things in the house, certainly a Jack of All Trades.  Well yeah, If I could send you letter now, I would tell you how thankful I am that once I lived my life with you and you will forever be in my heart. Despite your silence with had happened I know you care a lot and you simple showed it by teasing us to ease the pain somehow. Happy Birthday!

This time just made me ponder, what would be the perfect gift for him. Maybe a Heritage Professional Stainless Steel Barbecue Tool Set from Brookstone would be just awesome since he loves too cook too, especially now that there are Great gifts for dad at and they are offering $10 discounts for $70 purchase or more. Maybe I would just send the gift and have it directly shipped to him so that he would trace where I live now. If any of your are looking for great gifts for Dad, visit Brookstone and the code for the discount is 22SAVE.

Well, Happy Birthday Papa...I wished that God will bless you a healthy life since you're not getting any younger, patience when Mama knocks you down and J-anne lost her temper, and more laughter especially when Jhen's doing an MTV like video. I miss you all and take care.

August 12, 2010

Where is the Bright side?

I really miss the blogosphere, but I have no choice but to be quarantined in the dark room because of my contagious, highly communicable disease... "SORE EYES". I thought I could go back to blogging this week but due to these swelling eyes my time was all focused in curing my most precious eyes, not that my eyes are beautiful but hey, who want to loose their eyes?, NOT ME! 

But maybe it's just a coincidence since I lost my brain again somewhere with lots of stories to tell yet don't have the  proper mindset to put the ideas together. So here I am again, dialling 1-800, asking Super Gnetch to deliver Bloggenator Pills to me. I miss reading your stories guys and I really miss you all but this red eyes of mine won't let me stay in front of the computer that long, and oh... let's add that I am wearing shades even at night...isn't that weird or it may be a new fashion trend? Well, I hope you'd agree that it's a new trend. 

But now, let me cradle on this dark room as my eyes hurts with the sight of light. Just wanted to let you know I am still alive and curing my eyes with Green Tea. One thing is for sure though, I really miss the bright side.

August 4, 2010

To My Dearest Neighbors:

Source: MS Powerpoint Clip-art

Sorry if I wasn't able to get the chance to talk to you that much. You know I am working on night shift and I can't stand all day without sleeping just to get a sneak peak with what is happening on your life. I don't have so much time to waste on gossips and please understand if I am closing the door all the time and you can't see what's inside of my apartment ( I don't have that much appliances, I am alone in the house). 

Please don't stare at me when I get out of the cab in the morning. It feels like I have the grossest look on earth. I feel shy. Please refrain from  mentioning how your children are good and how high paying their jobs are so that I will stop by and be intrigued because I won't. To tell you honestly, I've been to the company that you brag about and I for a fact know how exhausting, stressful and toxic the place is. I just want to let you know it doesn't mean you're part of that company, you have the same salary as the others. The truth is new companies give better offers than that. I love my job and I am happy with the people I am with. That's all...THANK YOU! 

P.S. I am with a marketing company and not a "Call Center". We work on night shift because we cater United States corporate market.

July 30, 2010

Live up to it

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I had a conversation with my nephew this morning. He is asking for a picture of my mother. He is the United States since he was young and he is a grown up now wanting to see a picture of her beloved grandmother. I promised to upload some pictures. Speaking of my mother,  she's in the province right now and it's so sad that we're not together. So I send her money yesterday for her medicines. Whether I like it or not, she's 72 years old and I am wishing God will give her a long life. What a great mother she is, not only for providing me with what I need but also with the lesson she imparted to me. I won't never forget she once said, "When you got your work, you can have all you want as long a it's good, however while you're still young, be contented on what we have and never ever try to get what you want in expense of other people".  

Money is never an issue when you're trying to help especially when the situation is between life and death.  But don't you ever dare to loan money just to be used for stuffs you don't really need and you have debts to settle. Pay all the money you borrowed first before spending lavishly  for your luxuries.